a moving box which turns into essential furniture pieces (2018) created a new concept for moving: nest (nomadic essentials for simpler transitions). As a reaction to environmental issues and inspired by modern ways of living, nest is a simple, minimalistic moving box, which can easily be transformed into multiple essential furniture pieces. Within minutes you can turn nest into a bed, storage shelf, bench and table without the use of any tools. nest is designed to function as a medium for transporting your personal belongings from place to place, to place.

nest is timeless and has a clean, minimalistic yet aesthetic design. It has a natural finish and is designed to be used as much as possible. It is specifically meant for city living (single-person households in small living spaces), and is therefore suited to millennial lifestyles. Research shows that ownership is a major part in creating a homely feeling.

Material: spruce wood, 100% wool, cotton

The word nest is connected to a cozy, homely feeling (e.g. “a warm nest”), but is in fact a makeshift, temporary home for migrating birds. It carries both sides of the contraposition in its meaning. A warm nest is what a lot of modern nomads lack due to their flexible, fast and busy lives. nest is meant to help them create a feeling of home, without having to give up an adventurous lifestyle.


video + photos: Mykolas Brazaitis

music: Arthur Janssen

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