nest is timeless and has a clean, minimalistic yet aesthetic design. It has a natural finish and is designed to be used as much as possible. It is specifically meant for city living (single-person households in small living spaces), and is therefore suited to millennial lifestyles. Research shows that ownership is a major part in creating a homely feeling. nest is therefore a device which can be used to bring your personal belongings to a new home and which can be transformed into essential furniture within 10 minutes. (shelf - bench - dinner/ office table - bed). Eventually nest is meant to become, like the objects you bring along in it, a medium for transferring a homely feeling itself. 

The word nest is connected to a cozy, homely feeling (e.g. “a warm nest”), but is in fact a makeshift, temporary home for migrating birds. It carries both sides of the contraposition in its meaning. A warm nest is what a lot of modern nomads lack due to their flexible, fast and busy lives. nest is meant to help them create a feeling of home, without having to give up an adventurous lifestyle. 


The four letters that form the name nest refer to the essence of this design project. In one sentence, nest stands for nomadic essentials for simpler transitions, which tells you exactly what this project’s purpose and form is. nest contains basic furniture that you will find in every home (essentials), that are meant to withstand multiple movings and to be used in different homes (nomadic) and because of the way it is build will make moving from one place to the next easier. It is easy to put together and disassemble, and will accommodate the moving process by functioning as a moving box itself (simpler transitions).

Year: Winter 2018/2019


Material: spruce wood, 100% wool, cotton